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We are a bake shop specializing in custom desserts! We carry a variety of items in our shop daily, as well as some ready made cakes.

I am Kate, the founder of KupKates! I have been a part of the professional baking world for 10 years now, and finally have the store front I've been dreaming of.


In high school, I took as many art classes as possible. I couldn't quite figure out which was going to be "My Thing", but I loved ceramics and painting. I was going to graduate early and had no idea what to do with myself while all my friends were still in school. My photography teacher told me of a bakery in town that was making cool stuff and suggested I try to get an internship. I would HAVE NEVER THOUGHT OF

working in a bakery if it wasn't for him! (Thanks Mr. Schultz!) I ended up not getting the internship, but an entire year later was called back to come for an interview and offered the job. And so my love of frosting and cake began! 


About 8 years and 4 bakeries later, I decided to actually pursue the dream of opening my own shop. I quit my job, relied on my husband and parents, and with their help we made my dream a reality! I like to try new things every day, and always have something delicious and new in the case. Come on in and try for yourself!

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